Frequently asked questions

Flight claim

  • Does Happy Delay really purchase my claim?
  • What documents does Happy Delay need from me?
  • I do not have a boarding pass. Can I still claim with Happy Delay?
  • What does Happy Delay cost me?
  • What is a claim sale agreement?
  • How does Happy Delay take over my claim?
  • What if the airline still contacts me about my transferred claim to Happy Delay?
  • What if the airline pays the money to my bank account instead of to the bank account of Happy Delay?
  • Can I file a claim for my child?
  • Can I claim compensation for flights in the past?
  • Can I still file my claim even if I received any other form of compensation?
Yes. Once we have verified the information you provided and screened your claim, we will buy your claim for 70% of the claim amount (minus VAT). We will transfer the money directly to your bank account.
The precise documents depend on your situation and are indicated via our claim submission process. In any case, this will include a valid copy of your ID (e.g. passport) and in many cases also a copy of your boarding pass.
A picture of your boarding pass makes it more likely that we can accept your claim. However, sometimes people lose their boarding pass or never receive one (e.g. for some cancellation). In that case, please send us an e-ticket / booking confirmation indicating your travel schedule, booking number and the names of all travellers.
Our only fee is 30% of the claim amount, which we deduct from the payment to you. For example, if your claim is worth EUR 600, we will pay EUR 420 less 21% VAT = EUR 382.20 directly to your bank account. There are no additional expenses, regardless of our effort required to collect the claim (i.e. also in case of a court procedure).
With the claim sale agreement, you agree to sell your claim to Happy Delay. However, Happy Delay still needs to validate the information you provided. Based on this validation, Happy Delay may decide to actually purchase your claim (or not). We aim to do so within 24 hours.
Once we have validated and accepted your claim, we will ask you to sign a contract with us (Deed of Assignment). With that contract, you agree to sell your claim to us for the agreed price. After that you can just enjoy the money and go on with your life.
Please forward the email of the airline to and we will contact the airline for you.
This amount belongs to Happy Delay as we have purchased the claim from you. You should forward the money that your received from the airline to Happy Delay within a period of ten business days. If this happens, please contact Happy Delay as soon as possible at
If your child had its own ticket and no special discounts applied you can.
Yes, you can. At Happy Delay you can claim compensation for flights until 2 years ago.
The airline will sometimes give you food and/or drink vouchers during your flight disturbance. You can accept these vouchers and still claim your compensation at Happy Delay. If an airline offers you a flight voucher (for a future flight) or money, then Happy Delay can not accept your claim anymore. Note that the offer from the airline is often less interesting than the actual monetary compensation to which you are entitled.

Personal details

  • What happens with my personal details?
  • What if I filled in the wrong information?
  • Where can I fill in my bank details/IBAN?
Happy Delay respects your privacy and complies with all applicable EU directives regarding data privacy. All data provided to us shall be treated with the strictest confidentiality. We will not store your personal data longer than is strictly necessary. We will erase your passport copy once we have received payment from the airline. For more detail we refer to our Privacy Policy.
Please contact us by email at
After you completed the flight checker and we accepted your claim, you can directly fill in your bank details/IBAN of the bank account you want the money to be transferred to.


  • When will a situation be considered as an extraordinary circumstance?
  • What is delay at your final destination?
  • What does "a special discount on your ticket price not available to the general public" mean?
Examples of extraordinary circumstances are medical emergencies, Air Traffic Control strikes, bad weather and political unrest. Airlines are not obliged to pay financial compensation under Regulation 261/2004 if the problem with the flight was due to an extraordinary circumstance that they cannot be held responsible for.
The delay at your final destination is the time (in hours) that you are delayed relative to the original arrival time. The final destination is the final destination on your booking, including connecting flights.
It means that the passenger was travelling free of charge, got his or her ticket at a reduced fare, or got a ticket that was not available directly or indirectly to the public. In general, the traveller cannot claim for compensation if this is the case. Passengers can, however, claim for compensation if the tickets were issued under a frequent flyer program or other commercial program by an air carrier or tour operator.

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