Your flight delayed or cancelled? Get cash right away!

Up to €600 flight compensation paid in 24 hours!

Flight compensation paid directly!

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Sell your claim to us!

Do you want immediate certainty and direct payment of your flight claim? Look no further. Sell your claim to us. We pay your compensation directly to your bank account. No further surprises or fees. We take over the risk of collection with the airline.

Follow these easy steps

Check your flight

It takes just two minutes to complete our flight checker. Check whether you are entitled to compensation for flight problems in the last two years.

Complete your details

Provide some personal information and transfer your claim to us.

Receive direct cash

After validating your claim we aim to pay you within 24 hours.

Be an ambassador

Did we make you happy? Earn money by helping your fellow passengers.

Why choose Happy Delay?

  • Doing it yourself

    • Lowest chance of success
    • Slightly higher payout
    • Waiting time unknown
    • Likely getting nothing
    • Risk remains with you
    • Takes a lot of work
  • Cash

    • Guaranteed payment
    • You receive 70% (minus VAT)
    • We strive to pay in 24h
    • No hidden costs
    • We take over your claim
    • No more hassle
  • No cure no pay

    • Uncertainty
    • Similar payout
    • Waiting time: 3-24 months
    • Sometimes hidden costs
    • Risk remains with you
    • Lots of questions and emails

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